PRABHU PRAKASH PROVICE has executed an Education Board in the Province Level to look into the Educational Mission of the Province. Province has defined clearly the objectives and functions of the Education Board. In the Local Level a Local Managing Committee is formed to make the Education Mission effective in the institutional level. In the institutional level the task is executed by the School Manager, School Principal and Office Administrator. Apart from these administrative set up, a governing body and an advisory body are formed for the time to time monitoring


Education Board of the Prabhu Prakash Province is a committee duly constituted by the Provincial of the Prabhu Prakash Province to monitor and direct all the educational institutions of the province.

The Education Board consists of: 

a. President : Provincial of the Prabhu Prakash Province.
b. Vice-President : Appointed member by the Provincial.
c. Secretary : One designated member from the Provincial Council.
d. Ex-officio Provincial Bursar.
f. Members (Three) : Appointed by the Provincial.

The Functions of the Education Board are:
1. Monitor and direct the educational institutions.
2. Construction of the Building.
3. Developmental works such as new block, new school, extension work, etc.
4. Major changes in financial adjustments like money to other schools and institutions.
5. Scrutiny of Annual budget and accounts.
6. Naming an institution or changing the name, logo, etc.
7. It is an advisory body for major policies, gives valuable suggestions for staff meetings, managing committee meetings, parent teachers association, value based education, academic and administration of institution, purchase of vehicles, affiliation of school, promotion and dismissal of staff, gifts and awards for the members of the staff and salary for the staff.
8. Evaluate the functions of the Educational institutions, time to time.
9. In all the above matters, the decisions of the Education Board have to be approved by the Provincial Council of the Prabhu Prakash Province before implementation.


Very Rev. Fr. Joy Palachuvattil – Chairperson
Fr. Joseph K.P. – Secretary
Fr. Ferdinand Franco – Ex-Officio
Fr. Dantes Thomas – Member
Fr. Shine Augustine – Member
Fr. Vipin Augusty – Member
Fr. Linchu Paul – Member


Very Rev. Fr. Joy Palachuvattil – Chairperson
Fr. Johnson Puthur – Vice President
Fr. Shine Augustine– Secretary
Fr. Anto Kaitharath – Member
Fr. Joseph K.P. – Member
Fr. Thomas Manjali – Member
Fr. George Jacob – Member
Bro. George C.J – Ex-Officio