Annual Report

Annual Report 2023-24

Greetings to all in the name of St. Vincent Pallotti.

  1. Introduction

As we contemplate the academic endeavors of the year 2023-24, our hearts swell with profound pride and gratitude, reflecting upon the transformative journey we embarked upon since the establishment of St. Vincent Pallotti School in 1999. This particular academic year, 2023-24, stands as a momentous milestone, heralding our joyous celebration of 25 years – Silver Jubilee – dedicated to nurturing youthful intellects and molding tomorrow’s leaders. Our unwavering commitment to providing a well-rounded educational journey remains firm, as we persistently embrace the fundamental principles of integrity, excellence, and compassion.

  1. Major Highlight of the Session – SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION of the School

In the illustrious journey of St. Vincent Pallotti School, the year 2023 marked a momentous occasion as we joyously celebrated our Silver Jubilee. The jubilant festivities were a testament to the firm commitment and dedication of all those who have contributed to the school’s remarkable legacy. At the heart of our jubilee celebrations was the unveiling of our special Jubilee Logo, symbolizing the harmonious journey of the past 25 years. Accompanied by the resonating tagline, “Silver Symphony of Gratitude,” echoed throughout our jubilee celebrations, encapsulating the spirit of thankfulness and reverence. As part of our jubilee celebrations, a special Jubilee Song was composed, capturing the essence of our collective journey.

The highlight of our jubilee festivities was a grand celebration that brought together current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and esteemed guests. Over the course of three days, the Kindergarten section (comprising classes Nursery to KG – II) presented their event themed “Basking in the Glory of Gratefulness”, while the Primary section (classes I to V) embarked on “A Journey Through Time”, and the Middle & Secondary section (classes VI to X) orchestrated “A Symphony of Gratitude”. These themed events served as poignant reminders of our school’s rich history and enduring values.

These festivities served as a heartfelt homage to the patron members of our school since its inception – the ex-provincial, managers, principals, teachers, well-wishers, and all those who have contributed to our journey. Through heartfelt speeches, nostalgic anecdotes, and captivating performances, we conveyed our deep appreciation to each individual who has played a role in shaping the fabric of our school community.

  1. Glimpses of the Current Academic Session 2022 -23

The Annual Report for 2023-24 provides a concise overview of the significant events shaping the current academic year.

3.1. Admission :

Our institution warmly embraces individuals from varied backgrounds, values, traditions, and cultural heritages. Admissions were carried out through a transparent and equitable process, owing to the limited availability of seats. With a student population of 3717 ranging from Nursery to Std. XII, tailored assistance and abundant avenues for exploration in each student’s preferred areas of interest were offered.

3.2. Infrastructure :

In the 25th year, the school continued to invest in enhancing the infrastructure and facilities to provide a conducive learning environment for the students. The inauguration of the new Foundational Stage block was a significant moment graced by the presence of the Provincial and the Chairman of the Pallottine Group of Institutions, the esteemed Rev. Fr. Joy Palachuvattil. From its establishment in 1999, the campus has expanded to accommodate over 3717 students in top-notch teaching facilities amidst beautifully maintained grounds. Equipped with modern learning technologies, our infrastructure includes spacious classrooms, well-equipped Foundational Stage wing, laboratories for various subjects, a fully computerized library, interactive whiteboards, multipurpose auditoriums, art & craft room, activity rooms, infirmary, and extensive sports facilities. Faculty convenience is prioritized with dedicated staff rooms on every floor.

3.3. Staff :

The committed team consists of 203 staff members, comprising 148 teaching faculty, 9 administrative staff, and 46 non-teaching staff, all working collaboratively to create an ideal learning atmosphere for the students.

3.4. Major Events and Activities of the Current Year :

  • Commencement of the New Academic Year : The school commenced the new academic year on a positive and encouraging note, with teaching staff returning on 20/06/2022. The opening ceremony was graced by esteemed figures including the Provincial Rev. Fr. Joy Palachuvattil, Rector Rev. Fr. Antony Roswan, Manager Rev. Fr. Johnson Puthur, Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Amaladasan, and Rev. Fr. Ferdinand. Sumati Venugopalan, Principal of Centre Point School, Dabha, delivered the keynote address on the topic ‘Teachers as Leaders’.
  • Farewell and Welcome Ceremony : A heartfelt farewell was extended to the outgoing Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Amaladasan, while a warm welcome was accorded to the new Principal Rev. Fr. Shine Augustine, marking a significant transition in the school’s leadership.
  • Training and Updates for staff : As part of the new education strategy, the central government has now mandated that all teachers complete 50 hours of training which include 25 hours of in-house trainings, with a dual objective of enhancing skills and effectively implementing innovative teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Smita Matai, an educator and motivational speaker from Ratna Sagar Publication conducted a workshop for the teachers on ‘Understanding NEP and Inclusive Education’. Workshops on capacity building and effective habits for teachers were conducted by the Principal Rev. Fr. Shine Augustine, along with other in-house trainings led by the teachers themselves.
  • CBSE Social Science training was organized under the banner of Nagpur Sahodaya by Mrs. Radhika Mehra, Principal of Centre Point School.
  • The two-day Upskilling Workshop for Principals and Supervisors of Pallotti Schools featured a comprehensive program aimed at inspiring, educating, and promoting collaboration among school leaders. This gathering brought together 48 Principals and Supervisors from 10 Pallotti Schools across the country.
  • Fr. Vipin Augusty conducted a two day in-house training on Holistic Teaching.
  • Parent Orientation Program : Orientation sessions were organized for the parents of students in classes X and XI. These sessions provided an invaluable platform for parents to gain insights into the curriculum, assessment methods, and the CBSE educational framework. Parents received detailed information about the various teaching methods, as well as the rules and regulations adhered to by the school. Dr. Manisha Giri, delivered a talk to parents, offering guidance on maintaining their mental and socio-emotional well-being during these challenging times, while also supporting their children in adapting effectively to the current circumstances.
  • Career Guidance and Counselling : Various workshops were held to help students acquire life skills and competencies necessary for navigating life’s challenges. Professional-level career guidance workshops assisted students in selecting the most suitable career path for their future. Expert-led counseling sessions, provided by school counselors, supported students in effectively managing behavioral, psychological, and social changes in their lives.
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) : The active and enthusiastic involvement of parents in the smooth functioning and advancement of the school was evident during the Parent Teacher Association meetings. The formation of the new Executive Parent Teacher Association (EPTA) Executive Body for the session signaled a fresh start. Every two months, parent and teacher members of the Association convened to explore ways to enhance students’ learning experiences collaboratively.
  • Inauguration of the Alumni Association : We are thrilled to highlight the momentous occasion of inaugurating our alumni association, coinciding with the commencement of our Silver Jubilee Celebrations. This significant event marked a milestone in our journey, symbolizing the enduring bond between our alma mater and its graduates. The inauguration ceremony brought together the alumni, fostering connections, reminiscing cherished memories, and rekindling the spirit of camaraderie. As we embark on this new chapter with our Alumni Association, we look forward to nurturing a vibrant network of support, collaboration, and lifelong learning, enriching the legacy of our esteemed institution.
  • Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM) : PTMs occurred twice monthly, providing an opportunity to update parents on their children’s progress and engage in dialogue on how, together, the teachers and parents, can nurture better learners and responsible citizens.
  • Staff Meetings : On the second Saturday of each month, staff meetings are held to assess performance quality, review events, and strategize for the future, incorporating innovative teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Felicitation of Achievers in academics : The academic achievements of students hold significant importance as they are closely linked to the positive outcomes we cherish. Students from SVPS who earned a place in the roll of honors have demonstrated exceptional performance in their respective fields, bringing honor to the institution. The school recognized their accomplishments by awarding cash prizes and mementos. Mahak Madan, a standout in the class 10th grade, was praised for achieving an impressive 98.6%, and Ayushi Bezalwar from the class 12th, commended for scoring 91.4% in the CBSE results. Not only were students recognized for their academic achievements, but also those who excelled in sports and extracurricular activities were also honored.
  • Examinations and Assessments : In accordance with CBSE guidelines, classes 1 to 9 undergo two Periodic Tests and two Term Exams per session. Additionally, Class Tests are administered after each lesson, while Pre-boards are conducted for classes 10th and 12th to gauge students’ acquired knowledge. The school effectively administered Board Examinations, strictly adhering to CBSE protocols as a self-center. Furthermore, the school also served as a spot evaluation center for class 10th, successfully completing the task.
  • Investiture Ceremony : The Investiture Ceremony marks a significant milestone as the school bestows hope, faith, and the mantle of responsibility upon the newly appointed school cabinet. The Head Boy, Sanish Nair, and Head Girl, Ayesha Khan, along with the elected House Captains and Assistant House Captains, solemnly took the ceremonial oath. They were then presented with official flags, badges, and sashes by the Manager, Rev. Fr. Johnson Puthur, and Principal, Rev. Fr. Shine Augustine.
  • Remedial Classes and Counseling : Remedial classes were tailored to enhance students’ comprehension of concepts and address learning challenges. These classes incorporated various strategies, programs, and initiatives aimed at motivating students to concentrate on their weaker areas. This approach has yielded productive results, fostering growth in learners.
  • Awareness Programs : In alignment with CBSE guidelines and recognizing students’ developmental stages, efforts were made to promote a safe environment. Students were encouraged to speak out against any misconduct and were provided avenues to share their concerns either verbally or by dropping a letter in the POCSO box installed within the school premises. Additionally, a workshop conducted by a resource person and a gynecologist focused on raising awareness among adolescent girls and addressing their evolving needs, concerns, and challenges.
  • Catechism and Moral Values : The integration of morning prayer, meditation, and inspirational messages into the curriculum served as a means for students to cultivate mindfulness and inner reflection. Emphasizing moral values, the school also prioritizes students’ spiritual development. Holy mass is organized for Catholic students and staff members on every first Friday of the month. The Christian Life Commission (CLC) hosted Biblical Queen contest for the teachers who secured the first consolation prize.
  • Bagless Day : Vincent Pallotti School recently organized a unique and engaging event called “School Bagless Day”, transforming the traditional learning environment into an exciting day filled with activities and games. The initiative aimed to provide students with a break from conventional classroom routines and atmosphere, encouraging them to explore alternative avenues of learning through interactive experiences. It was to promote active learning through hands-on activities and games that created a positive and fun-filled atmosphere for both students and teachers. It fostered creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
  • Environment Week : The school celebrated an impactful and educational Environment Week, dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues, fostering a sense of responsibility, and encouraging sustainable practices among students, teachers, and staff. The week-long event that included special assembly, Poster Making Competition, Badge Making Competition, planting saplings, speeches and skits provided a platform for the entire school community to actively engage in activities that promote environmental conservation. The primary objectives of Environment Week were: a. To raise awareness about pressing environmental issues. b. To educate students about sustainable practices and their role in environmental conservation. c. To encourage active participation in eco-friendly initiatives. d. To foster a sense of environmental stewardship among students.
  • Hindi Saptah : The students enthusiastically observed Hindi Week, commemorating Hindi Diwas on September 14th. This week-long event sought to celebrate the depth and significance of the Hindi language while fostering a sense of pride among students. Activities included special assemblies in Hindi and competitions like Elocution, Recitation, Essay Writing, and Handwriting, aimed at nurturing creativity, expression, and effective communication in Hindi. The event not only highlighted the importance of the Hindi language but also provided a platform for students to showcase their linguistic prowess in Hindi.
  • Lingua Fanta Week : The Lingua Fanta Week was a dynamic tribute to the English language, captivating students with an array of linguistic endeavors. This week-long celebration sought to honor and cultivate language proficiency through an assortment of competitions such as Elocution, Essay Writing, Choral Reading, Spell Bee, and Be the Character.
  • Cultural Extravaganza : The School hosted cultural extravaganza that brought together students and teachers to celebrate the diversity of festivals. The events showcased the vibrant traditions of Diwali, Christmas, and Garba, and the national festivals Independence Day and Republic Day, reflecting the multicultural spirit of our school community.
  • Club Activities : Various clubs like Literary Club, Aesthetic Club, Environment Club, ICT Club, Heritage Club and Health &Wellness Club are formed for the Middle & Secondary Stage students. Under the supervision of the Club Incharges, different activities like debates, elocutions, PowerPoint presentations, skits, role plays, speeches, cultural programs, etc. are conducted regularly on Fridays & Saturdays in the CCA period.
  • Model United Nation (MUN) Activity : Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. Preparing and participating in a MUN helped students develop leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Intra & Inter School Activities : The school organized a series of intra-school competitions that showcased the diverse talents and skills of its students. The events aimed to foster a sense of unity, encourage healthy competition, and provide a platform for students to showcase their abilities in various domains. Foundational and Preparatory Stage conducted competitions like recitation, table dodging, card making, poster & badge making, drawing competition, storytelling, dance competitions, skit competition, memory retention, carol singing competitions and elocutions. Students also participated in Olympiad exams conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF).
  • Sports Activities : Engaging in sports activities serves as an outlet for the energy of youth. Our school provides abundant opportunities and consistent coaching sessions in various sports such as football, cricket, baseball, softball, basketball, skating, karate, and chess. These avenues allow our students to demonstrate their skills and compete at school, cluster, regional, and national levels.

3.5. Major achievements in sports field :

  1. U-12 boys’ football team won third position conducted by Delhi Public School, Lava.
  2. U-17 boys’ hockey team secured runner’s-up position in the Dhyanchand Memorial Hockey Tournament organized by Vidarbha Hockey Association on account of National Sports Day, Shalay Tournament, and Nehru Cup Tournament by District Sports Office.
  3. U-17 and U-14 girls’ hockey team won the first position to qualify for divisional match in the Nehru Cup Tournament by District Sports Office.
  4. U-17 girls’ football team secured third position in the YMCA Tournament.
  5. U-14 girls’ hockey team was the winner in the Shalay Tournament and qualified for the divisional match in which they secured the runner’s-up position.
  6. U-17 girls’ badminton player, Ridhima Sarpate secured third position and was selected for the National level competition.
  7. Ruchita Raut was the first winner in 200 mtrs. and 400 mtrs. athletics and was selected for the state level DSO Atheletics competition.
  8. Ayush Pal won bronze medal in Kata event for sub-junior U-8 from Maharashtra team held at Kotla and secured gold medal in Kumite event.
  9. Siddhant Gawai was awarded Individual Board prize in Inter-school Chess Championship held at Pallotti School.
  10. In U-14 boys’ Judo tournament, second position was secured by Mohd. Hamza in 30 kg category, Mehu Ojha in 40 kg and Kartikey Dwivedi in 45 kg, and first position was clinched by Mohd. Fuzail Alam in the +50 kg category.
  11. In U-17 boys’ Judo tournament, second position was secured by Manan Dharmik in 60 kg category and Shivam Shukla in 40 kg category.
  12. In U-14 girls’ Judo tournament, Anushka Nitnaware in 23 kg category and Dimple Agrawal in 44 kg category won the second position and Palak Yadav was the recipient of first position in 44 kg category.
  13. CBSE Judo Championship was conducted at Chitrakoot International School, Ahmednagar. silver medal was clinched by Shraddha Yadav and was selected for the CBSE national level Judo Tournament in U-19 below 55 kg category and Mayank Lodhi won silver medal in the U-11 below 30 kg category.
  14. In the state level selection trial matches, gold medal was confirmed by Zainab Kausar in 52 kg category, Palak Yadav in 44 kg category and Shraddha Yadav in 63 kg category. They are selected for the Open State Level Judo Championship.

3.6. Chess Championship : The school conducted the very prestigious 10th St. Vincent Pallotti Taluka Inter School Chess Tournament in school campus. The Tournament was organized in association with Nagpur District Chess Association and was inaugurated at the hands of former was inaugurated by Dr Indrajit Basu Head of the Department of Sports and Physical education, S.K Porwal College while the Chairman of the Pallottine Group of       Institutions, Very Rev. Fr. Joy Palachuvattil declared the meet open. Around 750 students from more than 50 schools and colleges of the city participated in the event.

3.7. Skating Championship : The school also successfully conducted the 5th St. Vincent Pallotti Memorial Skating Championship in association with Nagpur District Skating Association wherein which around 615 students from the various schools in the city participated.

3.8. Field Visits and Picnics : The students from classes VII to& VIII participated in the Junior Technex hosted by Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur as part of their field trip program. The project by Nabeel Ahmed, Shubh Sonare, Rudraksh Wadichar, and Omkar Chaudhary was rewarded first prize of `10,000/-. Seeking respite from the daily routines of homework, exams, and various activities, the students from classes 1st to 5th enjoyed a day out at Fun Planet, while those from classes 6th to 10th explored Lighthouse, and the staff relaxed at Spring Valley.

3.9. Art, Craft, & Science Exhibition-n-Fete : The grand Exhibition-n-Fete at SVPS attracted a large audience. To engage children’s minds and encourage their unique expression, various artworks and creative projects were displayed, each class focusing on a distinct theme. The glimpses of school’s 25 years of glorious journey and the MUN model also formed the part of the exhibition. Additionally, students showcased their scientific prowess at the science experiment section, unveiling the wonders of Science and Maths. Not limited to students, teachers also participated by preparing delectable dishes for the Fete, contributing to the Arunachal Fund aimed at educating girl students.

3.10. Bharat Scouts and Guides : In addition to the academic curriculum, participation in Scout and Guide education instilled values such as teamwork, leadership, perseverance, and effective communication, equipping children with essential life skills necessary for success in the contemporary world. Moreover, it offered them the opportunity to enjoy themselves at the one-day camp and embark on adventures at Ramtek.

3.11. Pallotti Radio : Pallotti Radio offered an exhilarating platform for students to enhance their communication abilities, bolster confidence, and delve into topics of significance to them. Through creating talk shows, sports reports, radio dramas, book reviews, and engaging in discussions, they benefited from a dynamic and vibrant format.

3.12. Book Fairs : To ensure your students get access to the best books for their reading levels and interests various book fairs are organized throughout the year.

3.13. Professional Examinations : School was the centre for CBSE examinations of Std. X & XII NEET and CTET.

3.14. Election Duty : For the first time, teachers were assigned election duty for the Lok Sabha elections. Together with the Principal, they undertook the responsibility very diligently and efficiently.

3.15. School’s Social Initiatives : The school plays a crucial role in fostering social responsibility and community engagement among students. Through various social initiatives. The school aims to instill values of empathy, compassion, and active citizenship. These initiatives often include :

  1. Satya Prakash Pathshala : As an integral aspect of the school’s social welfare initiative, a tuition center operates under the name Satya Prakash Pathshala, offering free education to children from underserved communities. This endeavor aims to empower these children with a high-caliber education, enabling them to realize their full potential and catalyze positive transformations in their lives. In addition to academic support, students receive essential supplies, uniforms, snacks, opportunities for outings, and participation in various celebrations and activities. The commitment of the institution to serve the disadvantaged is exemplified by the collective efforts of the Management, staff, students, and parents.
  2. The Arunodaya Mission : This mission focuses on girl child education, women empowerment, caring for orphaned children, feeding hungry children, and providing healthcare for the less privileged in Arunachal Pradesh. Students with the support from their family and friends selflessly contributed more than `7,00,000/- to the noble cause.
  3. Blood Donation Camp : The school hosted a blood donation camp in partnership with Lifeline Blood Bank. Students, teachers, and members of the community generously participated in donating blood, recognizing the critical need for this life-saving resource. Each donor received a Blood Donation Certificate and a card, ensuring that their contribution can be utilized whenever needed. Through this event, our school demonstrated its commitment to promoting health and well-being within the community while fostering a culture of humanity and compassion among its members.

3.16. Annual School Magazine : In addition to Pallotti E-Sparkle, the quarterly e-magazine, the school also launched a souvenir to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of its establishment.

4. Conclusion:

Every day, we aspire to soar to greater heights and advance in all aspects. Our school takes immense pride in its rich history, core values, exceptional facilities, and the remarkable achievements of the students. Supported by an engaged parent community, dedicated faculty, top-notch resources, and exceptional students, we eagerly anticipate sustained success. This report offers a glimpse into our ongoing endeavors.

As we reflected on the radiance of our Silver Jubilee celebration, we were reminded of the priceless connections forged over the years and the enduring legacy of distinction that characterizes St. Vincent Pallotti School. With hearts brimming with appreciation and sights set on the horizon, we embark on the next phase of our journey, guided by the ethos of unity, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Thank you and God bless you all !


Fr. Shine Augustine SAC


St. Vincent Pallotti School

Pallotti Nagar, Nagpur – 440013