1) Admission is based on merit.

2) Admission is granted to students who come from out station depending on the vacancy in each class. Students who have attended a recognized school, cannot be admitted without the Transfer Certificate, of the last recognized school attended. The Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the District / Divisional Educational Office. Admission forms are to be filled up by the parents or the legal guardians.

3) Guardians should fill in the admission forms with utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted for any reason what so ever.

4) Students must fulfill the following minimum age requirement for granting admission, as on 30th April of that year,

i) Nursery – 2 and a half years

ii) K.G.-I – 3 and a half years

iii) K.G.-II – 4 and a half years

iv) Std. I – 5 and a half years

5) New candidates must be introduced personally by their parents or guardians who will be responsible, to the Principal for the candidate’s conduct, payment of fees and other contributions if any.

6) The candidate will be tested in the standard immediately below that to which they seek admissions. The admission test shall be held in the following subjects Classes Subjects

Std. I to Std. V English, Hindi, Maths & E.V.S.

Std. VI onwards English, Hindi, Maths, Sanskrit Social Studies & Science

7) The entrance test will be followed by personal interview with the Principal and the Principal’s decision will be final.