Annual Report


Annual Report 2017 – 18

Greetings to all in the name of St. Vincent Pallotti.

  1. Introduction

Looking back at the 2016 – 17 school year, it can be said with all conviction that we have a great deal to be proud of and grateful for as a school community. We, students continued to excel scholastically and non – scholastically in a very student –centered learning environment. This is a result of our supportive Management, outstanding faculty and staff, as well as the positive partnership that has been developed between our parents and institution. Our success as a school is the endeavor to fulfill the mission of ‘Enlightening All’.

  1. Admission

Individuals having diverse backgrounds, values, traditions and cultures enter our portal of learning. Due to the availability of limited seats, a fair and transparent process is adapted to admit students in different classes. With 3807 students from Nursery to Std. XII, we provide more personal support and greater access to opportunities in each student’s chosen fields of interest.


  1. Infrastructure

Our campus has grown from its inception in 1999 to accommodate over 3807 students in first-class teaching facilities which are amid beautifully kept grounds. The school uses contemporary learning technologies and is equipped with essential equipments for relevant exposure. The modern infrastructure of SVPSincludes :

  • Spacious, well-lit classrooms to aid the process of learning.
  • The school’s pride, the Pre – Primary wing is well equipped infrastructure that serves the educational and learning needs of the little angels.
  • A scientific and technological temperament is nurtured through fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and computer.
  • A fully furnished and renovated treasure trove of information, the school library is fully computerized and houses over 14,500 books.
  • Interactive white boards are used for classroom teaching and involve students to learn with technology. Students are actively involved in their learning through presentations, notes, flowcharts and drawings using the whiteboards.
  • The multipurpose auditoriums, Jubilee Hall and Elizabeth Sannah Hall are equipped with the latest technology. Its usage for assemblies, parent orientations, conferences, workshops, celebrations and competitions make good utility of space.
  • A creative temperament is nurtured and showcased in the completely furnished Art & Craft room.
  • The terrace of the school is always abuzz with a variety of activities ranging from dramas, dance classes, yoga sessions and indoor games like table tennis, chess, etc. in the newly constructed Activity room.
  • The school infirmary is equipped to take care of minor exigency. In case of an emergency, the resources (outside the school) will be used.
  • Sports facilities at school consists of basketball court, badminton courts, cricket pitch, skating ring, volleyball court, football, hockey and baseball fields. It also includes the newly built archery and shooting arena.
  • Each floor of every wing has staff rooms for its faculty members. Keeping the conveniences of the faculty in mind each staff member is provided a separate cabinet and work area.
  • To ensure students’ health, hygiene and dignity, separate gender segregated comfort rooms and cool water filters are added in the basic amenities.

  1. Staff

We are fortunate to have a talented, highly committed teaching and support staff to ensure the learning environment of the students, the best it can be. Our institution has a strong team of 176 staff in all capabilities, which includes 131 teaching faculty, 8 administrative staff and 37 non – teaching staffwho are a well-knit, well qualified, serious and purposeful group of people.

  1. Major Events and Activities of the Current Year 2017 – 18
  • Welcoming of new Manager : Fr. Anto Kaitharath was accorded a warm welcome who took over the charge of new responsibility as the Manger of the school. The outgoing Manager, Rev. Fr, Antony Roswan was offered a tearful farewell.

  • Training and Update :In keeping with the school’s policy of continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills, our teachersattended various workshops and seminars organized by renowned and internationally reputed, resource persons and CBSE empanelled agencies so as to improve their academic skills and to update their capabilities. The staff took part in a two day orientation program by Dr. Aditi Singhal on ‘Mathematical Approach for Effective Teaching’. The seminar on Computer Technology was organized by the TeachNext Education.

  • Felicitation of Achievers : The greatest learnings and achievements of the students cannot be measured through marks. Yet while focusing on holistic learning rather than exams, we have been able to keep up the saga of remarkable results in CBSE board examination with outstanding results of 100% pass in Std. X exam. Around 53 students from Std. Xand 6 students from Std. XII in Science & Commerce streams secured place in the merit list. Gaurav Wasnik was the top scorer with 98.2%. Shoubik Banerjee attained the top position in the Std. XII result scoring 92.2%. The first three toppers were felicitated with trophies and cash prizes.

  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) : Families and the community are vital to the success of our institution. Our school is strengthened by very supportive parents and wider community through the PTA meetings held once in two months and they are encouraged to become actively involved in the best interest of the students and school.

  • Parent Orientation Program :Parent orientation programs are organized for parents clarify about the new examination pattern, the extracurricular activities introduced, the support required from parents etc. Interactive sessions between the parents and the teachers are held twice in a month where the problems of the parents are attended by the teachers and the worthy suggestions are appreciated by the school faculty with an assurance to execute them at the earliest.

  • Examination and Assessment :School has adopted the new format, ‘uniform system of assessment, examination and report card’, that aims at standardizing teaching and evaluation across schools.

  • Investiture Ceremony : Investiture Ceremony was conducted in its crusade of making the students of the school grow into responsible citizens. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Joseph Koovely bestowed Shubham Kalambe&AbhineveshaBondre with the titles of Head Boy & Head Girl respectively. Furthermore, Father conferred the students with the tittle of House Captains, Assistant Captainsand Cabinet Ministers. Primary students were also nominated as the Class Monitors and Assistant Monitors and felicitated in a formal ceremony.

  • Remedial Classes : RTI emphasizes on keeping track of the students who seek extra attention. The school has introduced remedial instruction every day after the school and group teaching  to aid struggling learners shore up their basic skills.

  • Corporal Punishments and Counseling :Students learn in a stress-free environment. Discipline is maintained strictly without physical punishment or harsh words. Mutual respect and cooperation are hallmarks of our school. To ensure this the needs of the students are taken into account with support of the school counselors who guide them in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social and career development, ensuring today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

  • Moral ValuesEducation :The curriculum includes value education to nurture core universal values held upmost for an individual’s existence..

  • Inter & Intra School Activities :Success for all students is ensured by the delivery of an enriching and structured curriculum and on a whole the focus is on the positive recognition of student achievements.Students displayed their distinctiveflairs in various academic and non – academic fields by participating in Inter and Intra School Competitions. Students also participated in the English Elocution Competition organized by St. Francis De Sales School. ‘How Green Is Your Campus Challenge’, an inter school competition was organized by REEF – Environment Club of Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management on the occasion of Global Tigers’ Day. Students of Middle & High School participated in the power point presentation, creative events, best-out-of-waste, bird watching and campus footprint. The students clinched the first runners – up position in overall performances and first prize in best-out-of-waste competition.

  • Competitive Examinations :To develop competitive spirits and to guide students to display their innate talents, studentsare motivated to partake in various competitive exams, olympiads and competitions organized and conducted by institutions and corporate companies.

  • Club Activities :To develop a child physically, morally, socially and mentally and to hone skills in co-scholastic areasvarious clubs like Literary Club, Aesthetic Club, ICT Club and Environment Club are formed for the Middle & High school students. Different activities like debates, elocution, power point presentations, skits, role plays, speeches, cultural programmes, etc. are conducted regularly on Fridays & Saturdays in the CCA periodunder the supervision of the Club Incharges. Primary section also conducted competitions like poster making table dodging, card making, drawing competition, best-out-of-waste, storytelling, dance competitions, memory retention competitions, skit competition and elocutions.

  • PEN- Pallottine Earth Nurturers:The students are a big hope to bring a drastic and positive change in the environment. So, various activities are conducted under the banner of PEN to sensitize students about the degrading environment issues and find out ways to take corrective action. A rally on ‘Save Tiger’ was also taken out to the nearby areas.

  • Extra CurricularActivities :Sports competitions inculcate the spirit of positive challenges & sportsmanship among the students. Sports, games and physical fitness occupy a place of importance in our curriculum. Regular coaching sessions in football, cricket, baseball, soft ball and basket – ball, volley ball, skating, hockey, karate and chess are conducted before and after school hours to help students to hone their talent and sharpen their skills. Our students actively participated in different sports competitions and won medals, certificates and trophies. Kasturi Deshmukh and Keshar Deshmukh are selected for Divisional Level Chess Competition to be held at Gondia District Sports Office. Aditya Mishra and Harshika Gautam won gold and silver medals respectively in different categories of Karate championship held by Karate Association. SarveshGaidhane and TarunBarve confirmed first positions in different weight categories of Karate tournaments and will be representing school at Inter School Divisional Level Karate Tournaments. Khushi Jughnare clinch bronze medal at CBSE South Zone Judo Championship held in Kerala. VidhiAthilkar was selected for the Divisional Level Badminton Tournament and was qualified for the State Level Tournament where she ended up as a runner – up. Under – 14 years category  Girls’ team represented at the DSO Baseball Inter School Championship  and was qualified for the Divisional Level.

  • Chess Championship : The school hosted the very prestigious 9th Vincent Pallotti Memorial Inter School Chess Tournament in the campus. Around 770 students from ______ schools participated in the event. Kritika Dubey clinched silver medal in the under – 14 years category.

  • Skating Championship :3rd Vincent Pallotti Memorial Inter School Roller Skating Championship was accomplished with grand success wherein770 participants from different schools from across the city participated in the event. Raina Roy Varghese stood second in the under –  6 years Inline category while Mohite Khule secured third position in the under – 14 Squads category.

  • Co – Curricular Activities : Students are taught the skills and values necessary for success in education, life and work. The teachers in a specialist capacity in Visual Arts, Physical Education and Music train the students to identify and expose their hidden calibers. Students have access to a school choir, strings orchestra and instrumental Music programs. Student co – scholastic performance data indicates a very high level of achievement across all learning areas.

  • Celebrations :Celebrations at SVPS are inter – woven with values to reinforce culture, heritage values and traditions. Like every other year, this year also several student–centeredactivities were organized.  Independence Day and Republic Day arecommemoratedto instill patriotism and respect for the Motherland. Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day too was celebrated by putting up a colourful and an extravagant programme by the students and staff for each other. Teachers who have completed ten and more years of their dedicated and selfless service in the institution were felicitated with mementos and cash vouchers by the very Rev. Fr. Varghese Pullan, Provincial, Prabhu Prakash Province.

  • Bharat Scouts and Guides:Scouting and Guiding is a character building educational movement.Camps and activities are organized to free the mind and liberates the spirit of the students.

  • Pallotti Radio :An initiative that allows students to express their views and build their confidence, whether it is discussing important issues or sharing ideas, Pallotti Radio gives students a confident voice within the school.School Radio station is like a real station assigning roles and responsibilities for presenters.

  • Book Fairs :The children enjoy the book fairs and pick books varying from science to spooky stories; from puzzles to poems; and from fiction to facts.

  • Social Commitment :   As a noble gesture, fund was raised by the Management, staff and students who generously contributed Rs. _______________for the education and interests of the girl students of Siyum School in Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Annual Gatherings :    The Annual Sports Day, Sports Saga – 2016 was a spectacular event of the session. Art, Craft & Science Exhibition and Fete is organized to display the artistic talent and scientific temperament of the students.

  • Life Skills & Career Counseling :The school organized life skill workshops and interactive sessions for both parents and students on issues like dealing with adolescents, positive parenting, etc. The students of classes XI and XII attended career counseling workshops conducted by various organizations where the faculty spoke about the various courses offered by the university and highlighted the importance of “out of the box thinking”.

  • Security & Safety Measures :Increased safety and security for all of our students is established through the hiring of a full-time security guard, more supervision on the playground during recess, improved volunteer policies, staffing preschool for increased safety for before and afterschool programs. Locking or monitoring doors and gates, are intended to limit or control visitor access to school campuses, while others, such as the use of security cameras are intended to monitor or restrict students’ and visitors’ behavior on campus.

  • Professional Examinations :School is the centre for CBSE examinations of Std. X & XII and also for AIPMT, NEET and UGC – NET. School was applauded by CBSE for its innovative and fair conduct of AIPMT – 2017.

  • Satya Prakash Pathshala :Satya Prakash Pathshala,a free tuition centrefor the children of deprived sections of the society, is a mission to encourage philanthropic involvement of school. The enthusiasm of the Management, staff, students and parents is spread to less motivated people in the school community, in their families, and in the wider community where they live.

  • Annual School Magazine :The school magazine, the Lumen Pallotti, is the window to the activities of the school to widen the knowledge and help in developing the power of writing of the budding writers. The magazine also highlights the successes and achievements of the school students. The editor and incharges are gearing up for the ninth edition of the school magazine by inviting articles from the students, teachers, PTA members and well wishers.

  1. Conclusion :

As Helen Keller said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement”. With each passing day, we strive to scale greater heights and stride ahead in all diverse dimensions.We are continually very proud of our history, our values, our outstanding facilities and the high standards achieved by our students. We truly have an incredible school with a supportive and involved parent community, dedicated and highly skillful staff, excellent resources and buildings and the most fantastic students to work with.To avoid lengthy presentation, the report is just a nutshell of all.


On behalf of our Principal, Rev. Fr. Joseph Koovely,

Thank you and God bless us all.