7th St. Vincent Pallotti Memorial Roller Skating Championship-2022


Roller Skating Championship 2022

Greetings from St. Vincent Pallotti School,


It is our pleasure to inform you that our school is organizing “7th ST. VINCENT PALLOTTI MEMORIAL ROLLER SKATING  CHAMPIONSHIP,” 20th September, 2022 in association with Nagpur District Roller Skating Association.

We are pleased to invite you, and it is our humble request that you encourage your students to participate and sharpen their talents and skills to the best of their ability.

Last date for the entries is 17th Sept., 2022.

Enclosed herewith are regulations of the Championship and the entry proforma. Looking forward to your kind co-operation,





Contact Persons:


1.       Mr. Sagar Bhoyar 7276564273
2.       Ms. Shibika Francis 9923742468
3.       Mr. Upendra Varma 9423638502


Entry Fees Rs. 300/-
Last Date of Submission 17th Sept., 2022
Reporting Time 20th Sept., 2022 at 08.30 am.


i)    Beginners        ii)         Advance          iii)        Inline

iv) Recreational Inline

Age Group i)          Under 7 (2016-17)                 ii)         Under 9 (2014-15)

iii)        Under 11 (2012-13)               iv)         Under 14 (2009-10)



St. Vincent Pallotti School (CBSE) , Mankapur – Gorewada Ring Road, Pallotti Nagar, Near Ayyappa Mandir, Nagpur – 13.

Ph. No. 2593722 ,email : svpsngp@yahoo.co.in