The 12th St. Vincent Pallotti Memorial Chess Championship-2022-23



Nagpur District Inter–School Team & Junior College (Individual) Chess Championship 2022 (Boys & Girls)

Recognized by Chess Association, Nagpur


It’s our pleasure to inform you that our school is organising the 12th ST. VINCENT PALLOTTI MEMORIAL Nagpur District Inter – School Team   &   Junior   College Individual   Chess Championship 2022 (Boys & Girls) to be held from 13th to 15th July, 2022 in our school.

So it’s our humble request that you encourage your best students with team to participate and sharpen their talents and skills to the best of their ability.


Looking forward to your kind co-operation,



NOTE : Participants must bring their own Chess Board and Chess Clock.


Rules & Regulations 

  • The team would consist of 4 players only. Matches will be arranged separately for Primary & High School Category
  • A school can send maximum one team in each category (Primary boys & girls, High School boys & girls, Junior college boys & girls). Individual Board Prizes for Primary and High School Teams will be given separately
  • The tournament would be played in Swiss league as per the rules of International Chess modified in time The number of rounds played will depend upon the number of teams participating.
  • The entries should be confirmed with Chhaya Janbandhu (Organizing Secretary), St. Vincent Pallotti School (CBSE) , Pallotti Nagar, Nagpur between 9.30 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.

Ms. Chhaya Janbandhu Mb. No. –   9284309201 School

Office no. : 0712 – 2593722

Ms. Shibika Francis : 9923742468

  • Only the Coaches and Participants are allowed in the premises due to covid (Mask & Sanitizer compulsory)
  • In case of any dispute in the tournament hall, pertaining to the tournament, the tournament Chief Arbiters decision shall be final and binding on
  • Loud talk and extra session games in the hall are strictly Parents, Coaches and Teachers shall keep themselves away from players during matches.
  • It will be the responsibility of the parents / School to arrange to and fro transportation at the place of
  • The number of round played will depend upon the number of students
  • During play, a player is forbidden to carry a mobile phone, wrist watch (any kind) and /or other electronic device means of communication in the playing area in his pocket/body. If it is evident that a player had such a device during the game in his pocket even in switch off mode or battery removed, he/shall she lose the The opponent shall win.
  • Entries will be accepted in the given format along with the school stamp and Principal’s
  • If any participant has any query, she/he should approach only own Teacher
  • For further details contact :
    1. Chhaya Janbandhu (Organizing Secretary) :         9403590889
    2. Pravin Pantawane (Chief Arbiter) :         9372560695
  • Shibika Francis :         9923742468


 Rev. Fr. Johny Amaladasan                Rev. Fr. Johnson Puthur                  Mr. Sachidanand Soman           

  (Organizing Principal)                                     (Manager)                                                 (President)

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