P.T.A., the Parent Teacher Association is a significant part of every educational institution. It is known that both the parents and the teachers participate in the upbringing of the child in different ways. Hence, it becomes a very important aspect to establish a common forum for both the parents and the teachers.

To establish such a forum The Parent Teacher Association of St. Vincent Pallotti School was formed in the first P.T.A. Meet which was held in the Memorial Hall of the School. An Executive Body of the PTA was formed from the elected class representatives. The EPTA office bearers are: Chairperson – Rev. Fr. Johny Amaladasan; Vice Chairperson – Mr. James George; Secretary – Ms. Jennifer Dalgado; Joint Secretaries – Mr. Ishwar Sethia and Ms. Nuzhat Parveen; Treasurer – Ms. Cindrella Collins.

The elected members were felicitated by the School Manager Rev. Fr. Johnson Puthur and Principal Rev. Fr. Johny Amaladasan congratulated them.


Sr. No Name of Members Status Teacher / Parent Contact No.
1 Fr. Johny Amaladasan Chairman Principal 8078185299
2 Mr. James George Vice-Chairperson Parent 9860011947
3 Ms. Jennifer Dalgado Secretary Teacher 9850255214
4 Ms. Nuzhat Parveen Joint-Secretary – I Parent 8318306210
5 Mr. Ishwar Sethia Joint-Secretary – II Parent 9372773667
6 Ms. Cindrella Collins Treasurer Teacher 9767859291
7 Ms. Pradnya Tembhekar Member Parent 8625937581
8 Ms. Vimla Bhagat Member Parent 9711203941
9 Mr. Charandas Tekade Member Parent 9373212730
10 Ms. Yarusha Kumar Member Parent 8077063801
11 Dr. Prasssanjit Gadve Member Parent 8551012854
12 Mr. Sunil Malikar Member Parent 9372306546
13 Ms. Sonal Chaure Member Parent 7507067076
14 Mr. Kiran Kapse Member Parent 9921213217
15 Ms. Bindu Saju Member Parent 9764631556
16 Ms. Upasna Saxena Member Parent 7588691010
17 Mr. Rajkumar Ambade Member Parent 9423408563
18 Mr. Robert Lankster Member Parent 8767481697
19 Mr. Akash Kothare Member Parent 9975497278
20 Ms. Manjusha Meshram Member Parent 8329902939
21 Mr. Sunil Hatwar Member Parent 9422820811
22 Mr. Simon Mathew Member Parent 9890046688
23 Ms. Bhawna Soni Member Teacher 7507176677
24 Ms. Sonali Kanojiya Member Teacher 9970014275
25 Ms. Deepali Ambade Member Teacher 9970779674
26 Ms. Preeti D’Souza Member Teacher 9960129467
27 Ms. Mumtaz Bano Member Teacher 8087095614
28 Ms. Steffy Saji Member Teacher 9527371326
29 Ms. Shalini Jacob Member Teacher 9922903390
30 Mr. Kripanand Meshram Member Teacher 7249181008
31 Ms . Bindu Cherian Member Teacher 8983729791
32 Ms. Shreeti Prasad Member Teacher 9823392875
33 Ms. Sibi Cheriyachan Member Teacher 9945413918
34 Mr. Prashant Mukund Member Teacher 9423108846
35 Ms. Meena Singh Member Teacher 9422473107