Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) – 2019-20

The PTA Executive Body – 2019-20

Parents Teachers Association (PTA), the significant part of the institution was formed at St. Vincent Pallotti School for the session 2019-20 on 6th July

2019. The parents and teachers along with the Principal Rev. Fr. Joseph Koovely and Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Linchu Paul came together to establish a common forum PTA to determine and regulate relationships between them, agree on approaches on teaching and educating children and prove support to the school in terms of execution and improvement. Amongst the elected members of class representatives, the new executive body was also formed.

The executive body constituted of:

President                  :       Rev. Fr. Joseph Koovely

Vice-President        :       Mr. Savinay Gajbe

Secretary                  :       Mrs. Neha Rokde

Joint Secretaries   :       1)     Mrs. Geeta Dubey

                                            2)     Mrs.  Heena Khan

Treasure                   :       Mrs. Manpreet Kaur


Manager Rev. Fr. Anto Kaitharath, Principal Rev. Fr. Joseph Koovely, Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Linchu Paul congratulated the new elected members and wished them.